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Spotlight: Beard-On

Introducing Beard-On: Beardy and Brilliant!

I recently learnt I am a pogonophile: Someone who is fond of or loves beards. I never minded beards...until my husband started growing his now most prized possession. The inspiration behind Raynard's beard was the founder of Beard-On Products, Hannes "Majestic Beard" Morkel and the drive and enthusiasm with which he is building his business. Beard-On became as essential to Raynard's "beauty" routine as my night cream is to mine! I cornered Hannes in answering a few questions:

Tell us the how Beard-On started? From where the inspiration to launch your own handmade beard products? 

After a few months of growing out my beard, my wife brought to my attention that there is something out there called "beard oil". It got me quite excited as my beard was very rough, itchy and just in overall bad shape. I decided to try it and I fell in love!  The beard oil I bought was quite expensive, but I thought it doesn't matter too much as it should last a few months. Boy, was I wrong... I cruised through my first 30ml bottle in less than a month. This is when I decided to look into making my own beard oil. Shocked, I found out that beard companies are selling their products at ridiculous profit margins (really, trust me). So, I made my own. After using my own products for a while, I decided to start Beard-On. Some research and product testing later, I started Beard-On. I now sell top quality, 100% natural and very affordable beard products.

Describe your range and how you cater to your wide variety of clients?
To cater for very specific personal needs was very important to me and I made sure to supply products which can achieve this. Every beard oil fragrance we craft comes in 3 different ranges. Each range caters for the type of skin and hair the customer has. The range you buy is decided by the oiliness of your skin, skin problems you might have, the dryness of your hair or even the type of shine you want your beard to have. We even have a small questionnaire to determine the range you should be buying. Feel free to have a look here: beardon.co.za/ranges.php
We also provide beard balm and wax. Most, if not all, beard companies provide only one. The biggest difference between the two are only their texture, so it comes down to what the customer prefers most. Again, we wanted to provide our customers with a choice.
Where can Burst readers get a hold of your amazing products?
As Beard-On is still a relatively new company, you can only find our products at our online store (beardon.co.za). We are working on getting wholesalers and stockists to make our products more accessible. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking to stock our products!
What are your future plans for Beard-On? Any new products on the horizon?

The future looks bright for Beard-On. We have only gotten positive feedback about our products, which means it lives up to the quality we promise. It's very self-explanatory that our prices are very affordable and we are not looking to change this in the future. We currently only stock beard oil, balm and wax. We are working on getting wooden beard combs next and actually have a beard wash ready. The beard wash should be available to buy in about a weeks time! Our beard wash contains absolutely no chemicals, which is very scarce to come across and absolutely vital when washing your beard. We currently only stock beard oil, balm and wax. We are working on getting wooden beard combs next and actually have a beard wash ready. The beard wash should be available to buy in about a weeks time! Our beard wash contains absolutely no chemicals, which is very scarce to come across and absolutely vital when washing your beard.

As an up and coming entrepreneur, what are the challenges to start a business in this day in age in South Africa? 

The hardest part is entering an already existing market. It is difficult to get people to buy into your products as they most likely already have a favourite brand. We know our products are more affordable and the highest of quality, but it's not always enough to get people to buy into your company. I would thus say that the biggest challenge is doing your promotion correctly. As soon as people start talking about your company, you should be set.

Why grow a beard (or allow your significant other to grow one!)?

  1. Why not? (WINK WINK)
  2. Personality enhancement
  3. Babyface? Men with beards are perceived as more masculine.
  4. Beards allow for more free time.
  5. Wearing a beard means no ingrown hairs. Those pesky, often painful ingrown hairs are no match for your beard. Redness and skin irritation are also common culprits of a shave.
  6. Keeps your skin moisturised and therefore slows down the ageing process
  7. It looks great!

So guys, why use Beard-On products?

For you:

  1. Products made from organic and natural ingredients.
  2. All ingredients are locally sourced.
  3. All products are handmade by a bearded bro.
  4. Beard-On products are affordable and readily available. The Beard-On online shop guides you in buying the product best suited for your beardy needs.
  5. Beard-On is value driven and places values such as good working ethics, authenticity, honesty, good quality and respect in high regard, always putting their bearded customers first.

For your beard:

  1. Beard-On products soothe dry and itchy skin.
  2. Beard-On products are specially formulated to lock in moisture and protect your beard from the sun
  3. Beard-On products leave your beard smelling great and fresh. As a wife with a beardy husband, I can definitely vouch for this one!!
  4. Beard-On products can be used to tame or style your beard or used to enhance the more rugged and natural look. It is ideal for both committed beard-growers and beard-maintainers.
  5. For more info check this page giving a super questionnaire to determine the Beard-On product best suited for your needs. The properties of each ingredient are also explained in detail. http://www.beardon.co.za/ranges.php

What can Beard-On do for us girls?

  1. Helps prevent and treat split ends
  2. Stimulates hair growth
  3. Detangle hair and ensures better combability

What is not to like?!

We made a short "How To" video featuring Hannes in which he demonstrates how to apply Beard-On beard oil. Enjoy!

We are hosting a giveaway:

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2 winners will be chosen at random. Each winning one of the following hampers:

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How awesome is that?!


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