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I DREAD shaving

I think I can find 100 girls or more that agree with me on this one.  I seriously dread shaving, I postpone it. Daily. Winter months? Oh how I love you, you allow me some time off.  Yes, I wish I could IPL all the hair on my legs.  I keep telling myself one day, one day!

So now I am not writing this post to keep on telling you how much I don’t like shaving, I am actually going to tell you about something that has changed my life.  I wrote a short review about this Elli Ultra Shaving soap here, but as I was using it for the hundredth time it came to me that I have not REALLY told you how amazing it is…

So number one – it is unbelievably moisturizing.  I have a very sensitive skin so usually when I shaved my legs once in a while, it got seriously itchy.  I mean like I want to scratch for days.  Since I have used the Elli Ultra shaving soap I never get this anymore.  The bar of soap is made from all-natural African essential oils, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, which is absolutely fantastic on your skin.  Shaving is very harsh on your skin and this almost soothes and heals while you shave.

Number two.  It comes in a really cool tin which is super useful.  Once you have finished shaving pop the bar back in the tin and it stays clean and doesn’t make a mess all over your bath edge or in your shower.

Elli Ultra Shaving Soap

Three.  It smells AMAZING.  So while you shave, you smell this beautiful organic fragrance.  It fills your lungs and you immediately feel relaxed! Probably because of the chamomile and lavender undertones!

A while ago I kind of lost my tin somewhere in the house while busy packing and had to shave without it.  NEVER again.  I think that is when I realised how much I have gotten used to my shaving routine being so easy and effortless.


*Elli sent us some products to try out about a year ago – but this post is honestly just because I love this product so much!

Elli Ultra Shaving Soap

R 196.00
Elli Ultra Shaving Soap

Value for money

8.0 /10

Kind to the earth

10.0 /10

Kind to your skin

10.0 /10


  • Moisturising
  • Organic
  • Travel Friendly
  • Smells Amazing
  • Long lasting


  • Not as easy as foam
  • You will never go back

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