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Why I love practising yoga

Since reading Eat Pray Love (still one of my favourite books!) I dreamt about eating great food every day, travelling as much as possible and making yoga part of my daily life. But after my studies, the lack of time and money resulted in these ideals being put on hold for a while. But this is over now! I choose to live now! What is the point in waiting?

Over the last couple of months, I have been trying really hard to be more focused and present. My husband helped me realised I was missing out on a lot by constantly worrying about the next thing on my to-do list or checking my phone while in conversation or while being busy with something else. A close friend one day told me over coffee that she is going to do a range of intro classes at a local yoga studio. That motivated me to lift my butt and Riverside Studio is like a sanctuary where I can just, even if only for an hour a week, disappear and focus on myself and my body.

I am still a complete novice and actually do not know anything about yoga! But with a few months of classes under my belt (or rather on my mat!), I can already see how yoga has changed my life.

Here are my reasons for why you should start doing yoga:

  • Practising yoga helps to build strength and promotes flexibility. I can feel the difference only after a few months of doing yoga once or twice a week.
  • After yoga I feel totally refreshed due to all the sweating. Yes sweating! I sweat a lot during yoga…gross I know! But it is as if I feel all the moving and stretching cleanses me from the inside. No other form of exercise gives me the same feeling.
  • Yoga makes me feel more confident – even in the moments when I fall on my face. It is as if I am constantly surprised by my body’s capablities during practice. Aren’t we wonderfully made?!
  • The only time I totally, totally feel disconneted from the choas of the world is while doing yoga. More particulary attending a yoga class. There is something about leaving your phone, handbag and shoes outside the studio door and moving into a space of stillness where no talking is allowed and no earthly things can distract you.
  • Practising yoga forces you to focus on yourself – your mind and your body. Having a good instructor helps to bring you “back to your mat”, but even when practising at home you’ll feel more in tune with yourself. And your mind will be more in tune with your body.

I hope I inspired you a bit. Remember, as I stated before…I can only share how yoga makes me feel, not much more! So try it for yourself! And if you reside in or close to Stellenbosch, visit Riverside Studio. Just the best!

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