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Eli&You Baby barrier balm review

So there are plenty of brands nowadays making barrier cream for baby bums, and I suppose every mom decides what fits their lifestyle & budget and sticks to that!  So I am not writing to convince you that this is the absolute best because number one – I have not tried every bum cream on the market and number two – I am a first-time mom (so what the heck do I know!)

Anyways back to this product.  My cousin gave me this as a baby shower gift which she bought in George which is close to Wilderness where this product is made.  Little did she know that it would become my go-to bum cream!

Eli&You Baby Barrier Balm

What I really love most about this is that I know exactly what went into it.  No funny chemical names, or smells just plain organic goodness.  I might be extra paranoid when it comes to baby products as I had terrible eczema as a baby and while growing up.  So I am very careful applying anything to Little L’s skin.

Some of the main ingredients & their benefits from their website:

  • Calendula – Possesses powerful healing and anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe redness and inflammation, and speed-up healing
  • Chamomile – High levels of disease-fighting antioxidants
  • Beeswax – Natural wax that provides a breathable, protective layer against moisture
  • Lanolin – Enhances and mimics baby’s skin barrier; reducing the risk of inflammation and infection

Also, it makes cleaning dirty bums so much easier.. I’m not sure why but the poo just wipes off so much easier! I started off using another brand barrier cream and it made the poo sticky and difficult to wipe off.  I mean, who wants to make changing a dirty nappy even more unpleasant!?

Right then lastly, (remember first-time mom) little L has not had nappy rash once… I don’t care what you say I believe it is only due to this balm!

So try it, don’t try it.. I am definitely sticking to this one 😉 What is your favorite baby product brand? Should I give it a go?

Buy it directly from Eli&You or Faithful to Nature.

P.S.  I’m busy with the Eli&you baby body wash review!

Eli&You Baby Barrier Balm

Eli&You Baby Barrier Balm

Value for money

10.0 /10

Kind to the earth

10.0 /10

Kind to baby's skin

10.0 /10

Cruelty Free

10.0 /10


  • Organic
  • Recycleable Container
  • No added Fragrance
  • No added Preservatives


  • Glass container might break if baby throws it!

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