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DIY Baby Nest

During the last 2 months of Lindi's pregnancy, she asked me to make our favourite little man, Luan, a baby nest. Since I never made one before I Googled, pinned and YouTubed my heart out. Very eager (and very sure of myself!) I cut the fabric and started the first attempt. What a complete fail!

The problem was - Luan came a few weeks early! The boy was growing super fast and he needed his nest. So off I went and delivered "Baby Nest - Attempt One". Luckily Luan was still too little to judge.

Back at the drawing board, I turned to YouTube again and finally found the wonderful tutorial below! It explains step-by-step how to make a neat and beautiful baby nest.

My version (see photos) is not perfect (what's up with the square corners???) but Luan seems to like it!

Moral of the story:

  • Try again and again.
  • There is so much joy in giving a handmade gift!
  • YouTube (and the creative geniuses that use it) is your friend. 😉

Please try this helpful tutorial and share your final products with us. We would love to see! xx

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