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Adobe Photoshop Hack for Vibrant Photos

Before I start, I want to once again remind you that we are not experts when it comes to photography or photoshop. We try, fail and learn every day. Over the last couple of months we realised there are two crucial things to use in mind when taking pics for the blog:

1. Lighting: 

One of the best ways to guarantee a clean, bright image is to use natural light. Take your photos in a bright room. It is not always that easy – since we work full time and have busy social lives we more often than not end off having to take pics after sunset (or close to midnight)!!

2. Reflectors:

Reflectors are great for when you have a limited source of light or need to manage shadows when taking pictures. We use a white foamalite board. This is one of the most helpful and inexpensive solutions for making photos brighter.

BUT, don’t shy away from Photoshop:

As amateur photographers, we are not as skilled as we want to be in taking perfect pictures of the bat! So we found this few “steps” when editing a photo in Adobe Photoshop to make bright and vibrant pictures:

Original Photo
1. Duplicate Layer
2. Set the duplicate layer to “Screen” blend mode and adjust the opacity

3. Flatten image
4. Duplicate Layer
5. Set the duplicate layer to “Soft Light” blend mode and adjust the opacity
6. Flatten image
7. Adjust brightness and contrast. TIP: When making brightness more, make contrast less!!
8. Flatten image
9. Cut and rotate to ensure all lines in the image are parallel with the edges of the picture – this just makes the picture easier to look at!
After edits (Pretty nice huh?!)

There you go! Thank you for reading! Hope you can use this “how-to’ for your next project!



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